Sunday, December 4, 2011

22 Days Til Christmas Nail Art: Ginger Bread Man

I began my doing a simple red glitter french tip, and underlined that with some gold glitter. After that I used a dotting tool and some brown nail polish to draw a ginger bread man and add his decor. I then drew some holly on the thumbs and added my top coat. It is very simple, fun, festive and super simple. I hope you enjoy it!

Products used:
The Color Workshop base coat
Sally Hansen Red carpet
KleanColor Gold
La Colors Gold Glitter
Maybelline Walnut
La Colors white
La Colors green
La Colors red

Okay, now here is what resulted from this idea:

Konad Stamping Nail Art Review

This is how my package came (minus scuffs). I bought this set off of Ebay, and the shipping was fast. There are many different sets out there, the one I chose came with 3 polishes of my choice, 3 plates of my choice , a scraper, a stamper and some instructions. I did purchase a few extra image plates on the side. So , my final thoughts on this is GREATT!! I am in love.
I mean, I was super excited when I ordered it and couldn't wait for it to come. Then once it did , I had some issues stamping, but after I watched a video on it, I quickly got the hang of it. This is way better than nail decals, even though I still love those. It gives you art options for thise who can't draw/paint like me. You can have pinapples, hello kittty, shoes, belts, spiders, skulls, flowers, you name it and there is a plate for it.
Only downside it that the plates alone are semi costly depending on where you buy them. And the stamping works better with the Konad special polish, which again is costly. And when you pay a price for the set, you don't want to keep going broke on it.
Other than that I am in love and wish I could buy them all. Definitely a must have if you are lacking artistic luster to create your own awesome manicure.

(All products were purchased by me, with my money, and all opinions are my own!)

Nail Polish Collection

So, this is in no way me bragging, because I don't think I have alot. Most of these polishes are very affordable. This is my collection and swatches for most of the polishes. If you want any names, leave a comment below and I will let you know! Take care and thanks for reading!

 Okay, I hope you get the idea, caause this thing went crazy when I was uploading, and I couldn't put the pictures in order. But this blog almost took 2 hours, so I am done. haha. Enjoy!