Thursday, April 21, 2011

My 10 Spring Nail picks

So, boredom and procrastination caught up to me. So , I was going through my collection and picked my top 10 sping colors. All of them are drug store/Elf , no china glaze or OPI. I am not a big fan.. So hee are my swatches since the video didn't pick them up good :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Love Never Dies

INSPIRED by Robin Moses and her Punk retro Pirates nails...

This was my first time drawing any type of skulls, and I just went with it. I practiced once on paper and then went for it. Following her made it so much easier than if I had done it alone :)
Was also inspired by my shirt, so I threw that in as well.

Products used:
LA colors base/top coat
LA colors Mettalic Grey
LA colors Red Art Deco
LA Colors Red Glitter Art Deco
LA Colors Black Art Deco
Nabi White Thin Brushed
Thin nail Brush

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dark Chololate

So, as I was sitting here bored.... I decided to paint, and this is what came from that. Unfortunately the gold didnt show up too well in my video, nor the maroon. The maroon was a deep pretty color, the gold was meant to shimmer behind the black dots. It was simple and the best part was if you messed up, as I did several times, the design still works and is super cute without any one realizing you even messed up..

Enjoy the pics :)

Products used:
Sephora Base Coat by OPI
Under your Spell by Wet and Wild
Americano by KleanColor
Black by LA Colors Art Deco
Top Coat by Sally Hansen

Avon Not so Instant Manicure

Hahaha. So , I have bought the Instant Manicure previously from Avon, I heart Avon products. SO I bought the pedicure one, just to try it out. Wellll. It stuck to ...Nothing lol. I wouldn't waste money to buy it again that's for sure. To me, anything to easy doesn't seem right. Beauty is pain and work lol. So if it's instant I just wouldn't try it. Take the time to do it right. Im sad it didn't work out. I was looking forward to it. But I still love my other Avon products.. Just not these.  Here is pics of the products so you know to avoid, or if you have tried it before why didn't it work for me?? lol

Monday, April 11, 2011

My Setup/ Collection

Well....Welcome.. So .. This is not me bragging at all. Just showing my collection. This is only half of my polishes. I am just showing the variety of colors so you know that your requests are not out of my limitations. I have almost every color and am ready :)
I hope to hear from you soon!

Step into Spring

Hello... Here is a list of things I used in my Spring video. First of many. So many beautiful colors to use, but so little time.

List of products used:
Sally Hansen Diamond Clear
Sally Hansen HD Lite
Sinful Colors Orange
Nabi White
Baby Pink
Art Deco Dark Green
Art Deco Light Green

And for you, here are some pictures...  I hope you enjoyed and send me any requests :)

Elf HauL

SoooOoo..I walked into my local grocery store and out of the corner I saw it..Could it be?? Heart be still! It is!! ELf nail polish.. A dollar cheaper then the website and no shipping! One box left??What!! Must Buy!! So, Here it is lol. Swatched just for you..

Purple Pleasure

Blue Mist



Mango Madness

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sally's Mini Haul

So, I went to Sally's Beauty and so did my grandma and got these mini Sally's Girl Polishes to try out. So far, Im loving them <3

Why Polish??

      Hello all. I've started this blog and my you tube channel as a hobby. Alot of people I know wanted me to start a you tube channel to shared my nail designs with people, and I have had some time lately to be able to do so. I am in no way a professional, nor am I an expert. I simply have a passion for nails, am obsessed with nail polish and am learning new things everyday. I see something I like, or that interests me, I buy it, test it out and use it.
     I have been obsessed with nail polish of all kinds, although mostly drug store, for the past 3 years now. I have recently started purchasing more in larger quantities and have created a nice size collection. I paint my friends nails, my families, and mine. I test things out, mess up, practice and try to find new designs. I am in the process of also trying to go to school to become a licensed manicurist. Painting nails is a way of relaxation for me. After a bad day, a good mani and pedi calm me down, and I love expressing myself in my designs.
    I learn new things constantly and am here to share, learn and be creative with people whom share my similar interests. SO ... Share with me.. :)