Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why Polish??

      Hello all. I've started this blog and my you tube channel as a hobby. Alot of people I know wanted me to start a you tube channel to shared my nail designs with people, and I have had some time lately to be able to do so. I am in no way a professional, nor am I an expert. I simply have a passion for nails, am obsessed with nail polish and am learning new things everyday. I see something I like, or that interests me, I buy it, test it out and use it.
     I have been obsessed with nail polish of all kinds, although mostly drug store, for the past 3 years now. I have recently started purchasing more in larger quantities and have created a nice size collection. I paint my friends nails, my families, and mine. I test things out, mess up, practice and try to find new designs. I am in the process of also trying to go to school to become a licensed manicurist. Painting nails is a way of relaxation for me. After a bad day, a good mani and pedi calm me down, and I love expressing myself in my designs.
    I learn new things constantly and am here to share, learn and be creative with people whom share my similar interests. SO ... Share with me.. :)

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