Sunday, June 5, 2011

Broadway Diva Nails

Okay, So I had a boo boo on my thumb and the nail polish and acetone stung it, so I couldnt paint my nails for a few days :(... I had seen a couple people talking about the fake nail products like kiss, and broadway so my friend and I went out and bought a pack each. This was the perfect opportunity to use them. Here is my opinion:

The quality is much improved since I was a kid and used these nails. The nails were nice and sturdy and the tips did not bend or break with everyday tasks, which is really good. The design was beautiful and the package came with many different sizes, so that was great.

Application was easy, just find your size, glue, press and you are good to go .

Removal was a little more time consuming than putting them on. So, that's good. Great staying power. Was easier to soak the nails in acetone and peel back.

I really loved the quality and design of the nails. My only complaint would be the air bubble that you can see under your nail, especially if the design is a french tip. Secondly, how on the second day they already started lifting at the cuticle. That was a downer. Howerever, for the price (anywhere from 6 to 7 dollars) you can't beat a cute nail design when you are ina hurry. Great for prom, dances, a date, babyshower, dinner, or a fun girls night.

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