Friday, October 7, 2011

LA Colors Scented Nail Polish Remover Pads

So, here I am , minding my own business at the dollar tree in the nail polish aisle ;) when I look down and see these, nail polish remover wipes. And then as I glance for a second look they say they are SCENTED. I was like, no way .. these people are crazy.So, I put one in my cart to try.. Well. Let me tell you, I went back for another one.

So , at first I picked up Melon. They do smell like Melon. Delicious and mouth watering, and there is barely even a linger of nail polish remover. So, I though , well they smell edible, maybe they don't work haha. So, I used them on my milani glitter nails, and black nail polish. WIN!!

These polish remover wipes are great, one pad takes off one full hand and with ease. There is no yucky scent in the air and they don't leave your hands sticky. I went back and picked up a Peach one as well. Same results. They are very moist, and they work wonders. For only $1, these are way better than the Elf Polish remover pads for $1. And I swear by ELF. I have almost every product. Although I found out with those, even with the lid closed, they dry really fast. And it's always disappointing when I go to grab one, and they are all dried up.

If you should want some, and for $1, definitely pick one of these up. They have a few scents, and I also picked up extras for my next contest :)

Final Thought: They are scented, Acetone free, no harsh smells, works great, moist, and affordable. Definitely a product to buy :)

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