Sunday, October 9, 2011

Old Crusty Nail Polish - Easy Fix

So, I had bought this a little over 4 months ago. I have used it off and on, but have never really mentioned it. It is Beauty Secrets Nail Polish Thinner. I have saved quite a few of my old/crusty nail polishes. They arent really old, but have dried up, grown crusty or too thick to paint evenly. I just pop in 2-3 drops of this thinner, turn the bottle upside down, roll between my hands. And woila..!! Magic. Nice and creamy nail polish that paints evenly.
Yet, you can also use nail polish remover without acetone, or acetone. however, I find when I use those they dry up after a while. However, I also still use them when I am in a time crunch.
This bottle is less than $6, found at Sally's Beauty Supply and lasts a longgggg time and can be used over and over, and in every brand of polish. A definite must have if you collect polish like me :)


  1. So this is random but I need some advice if you can. I just stopped biting my nails and I was wondering if you know of any products to strenghten my nails.

  2. Hey. I would say peel garlic and rub on them to 1) stop the biting and 2) to strenghten them. Also, apply a nail strengthener. Its weird, but it helps and will help with your biting. Hope it works for you. If not , also taking a multi vitamin and giving yourself a manicure and buffing your nail will help keep them strong :)