Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pretty Women Artificial Nails

Wooooohooo! Do you know what it feels like to be addicted to Nail Polish and run out of Acetone? And on top of that for 2 of your nails to break?? It was horrible. But lucky me, I had picked up some Artificial Nails that were on sale at Rite Aid, I put them in a vid before. These nails were perfect and so summery. Now this was like 9/22/11.
The application was so easy, and the nails fit so perfect to my nails I didn't even have to file. They had a beautiful design, and were sturdy. The first one broke 2 days after, but only a little on the tip when I was opening something. But for $4 , these were amaxing. I would definitely purchase this brand again in the future. I am wishing I had another set right now causeI was having a bad day today and kept picking at my nails. Blah. Plus they are really fragile right now. Not from anything nail related.
I have given my hand a good 2 week break so they should be happy. But, tomorrow after school I have a nail date lol. So, here are the pictures and if you run by this brand in your local store, pick it up. Definitely better than broadway or the Nailene set I bought as well. Enjoy :)

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