Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Broadway~Mistakeproof Pink Brush -on Gel Nails

Okay so I was on one of my many excursions at Rite Aid and the night before was roaming on You Tube and saw many videos on the Kiss Instant Gell set. Everyone was raving about the set, how great it was and how easy it was to do. Wellll. Needless to say, i couldn't find it. But, there was a sale, and I couldn't pass it up, so I bought the Broadway Mistakeproof brush on gel, Salon nails made sinple. I got so excited and the box said 3 easy steps and no filing needed. I was like wow, this is gonna be great. Some quick, pretty nails and I can be on my way. Wellll. Let me tell you about my experience.

Over View:
For one thing, there is actually over 8 steps once you begin until you are finished with your nails. There is filing needed, shaping needed, and everything is messy and hard to apply. My left hand obviously came out better since I am right handed, but the application was still sloppy. the formula is thick and stringy and you can't get an even application no matter how steady you attempt to keep your hand. After you apply the gel and let it set, you have to do alot of filing and shaping of the nail and it becomes really hard if the gel is not set yet and you can ruin your application. Well. It took from 5:34pm until 6:30 pm the next day to fully dry.
After I thought it would never dry, I thought , well maybe if I apply polish it will help it to start drying. So I just painted them , I used an Essie polish, Damsel in a dress and went about my evening. Let me just say I woke up to many marks and nicks on my nails and I didn't go to bed until 2am. To top that off, the next day as I was getting dressed my thumb nail broke in the middle while I was pulling up my jeans.

The price of this kit is$9.99, for the price you can buy 2 boxes of the glue on nails and have much better luck and way more staying power. I would NOT recommend anyone to purchase this kit. Go with an alternative. There are way too many steps, the box gives false information, and the outcome is not up to standards. And by day 2 I had 3 broken nails and only did normal things. IE: Getting dressed, dishes, homework, cooking and so forth. So, If you are looking for a cheaper way to attain a salon manicure, this set is not the one for you. I will be searching for the Kiss one, and I will give that a try as well. All in all, thank you for reading and I hoped this helped for those of you out here reading:).

Pics of Box and Directions:

Final Result:

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