Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cupcake Nails ~ Requested

So, my lovely sister calls me at midnight like she is having a heart attack or something. I ask her whats up and she says CUPCAKE NAILS. I say whatt??? She says to come over and pick up some micro beads I think she calls them. Sooooo... Here is what transpired from her thoughs. Cupcake inspired nails. They are simple and easy , one hand took a little over 5 minutes and finished in under 10. So this is definitely a cute, fun and simple manicure for those of you cupcake lovin' people. I hope you enjoy.
And in case you want to see how it is done, here is the link to the video. Cupcake tutorial.

So A list of the products I used:
Seche Clear - Base Coat
Frosted Fuchsia - Wet N Wild
Blue Print - Milani
Blue Mist - Elf
Gold - LA Colors
Prospect Park Pink - NYC
Wine Frost - KleanColors
Seche Vite - Top Coat

You will also need:
Dotting tool / tooth pick
Micro beads

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